Australian VoIP Products Launched

Australian smartphone users can look forward to widely available Voice over Internet Protocol on their Android device now that the National Broadband Network is nearing completion.

Compnaies which are looking to take advantage of the faster internet speeds include iiNet, an Internet Service Provider based in Perth, Western Australia.

The company has said that it is thinking outside of the box to bring fast VoIP to Android users. They have tasked their consumer products division
iiNet Labs to create enticing broadband-related products.

The iiNet technical sales manager, Simon Watt, said: “There is no reason why we cannot launch handsets that run Android OS as so many people are developing apps for Android right now."

Products include the iiNet BoB which will be released in April and run on Android 2.0 or above. It is an aggregated router, modem and phone device with dual VoIP capabalities (to support two phone numbers from different providers)and a colour screen.

iiNet will also release an IP security solution which uses IP camera systems for home security in the middle of 2011.

Watt explained: “If it is broadband related and people want to buy it then we will develop it. The sky is the limit.”

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