VoIP overtakes Online Dating in Popularity

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has overtaken other online crazes in 2011 including online dating, and the market for search engines like Bing.

So says a PR releasde by Pop VoIP which has seen the growth driven by the demand from small and medium sized businesses.

The hosted VoIP company was singled out for mention by the research firm IBISworld which recognised VoIP as the biggest new internet technology of the decade.

Pop VoIP CEO Levi Halberstam said: "In order for a small business to succeed, it needs a reliable, affordable phone company. Pop VoIP specializes in catering to those needs with our telecommunications services."

VoIP can replace the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for faster and more efficient communications. With the aid of unified communications, VoIP can cut out the need for additional components like fax and email.

The standard Pop VoIP package includes all the latest features such as Interactive Voice Response and video conferencing. With an internet connection the hosted phone systems can be used from any location.

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