Gizmo5 VoIP to be Terminated

The Gizmo5 VoIP service will be terminated and replaced instead by low cost calling over gmail.

Th website Android Police reprinted an email from a Gizmo5 user which stated that Gizmo5 would finish in three and a half weeks time on April 3.

Gizmo5 was purchased by Google in 2009 as the search giant looked to expand its internet offerings and include Voice over Internet Protocol calling.

Gizmo5 allowed users to make and receive calls on both computers and mobile devices.

While Gizmo5 used Google Voice to offer cheap calls, the Gmail calling service is now a viable option, according to an email submitted by user Bizurke to the Reddit social bookmarking site.

Speculation is that the end of Gizmo5 means that Google have something exciting in store to make their call phones service even more appealing than it already is.

On the other hand some users will blame Google for acquiring Gizmo5, taking what they needed from it, and then scrapping it.

And while Gizmo5 could do neat things like allow you to make calls using Wi-Fi through Sip Trunking, Gmail calling cannot yet fulfill that.

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