Agilis Chooses 3CX Phone System

The 3CX Phone System for Windows developer 3CX has just supplied its award winning phone system to Agilis, the gas turbine specialist.

The 3CX Phone system replaced Agilis’ old proprietary Toshiba CTX-IP system, which lacked any unified communications features and was technically obsolete.

The 3CX IP PBX was chosen for its ease of use across multiple office locations in two countries, and especially for staff who want to work remotely.

3CX CEO Nick Galea said: “Agilis provides technical innovation in an industry which depends so much on technology, reliability and accessibility. We have built reliability and Unified Communications into the core of 3CX which makes it an extremely accessible PBX.”

The 3CX phone system can enhance productivity and thereby effect cost savings. It was also compatible with the T28 IP and 160 Yealink T26 phones that were already in place, so there was no extra cost to find new handsets.

Agilis Yealink T26 and T28 IP phones are interoperable with the 3CX Phone System, and have customizable features including High Definition voice.

The Patton SmartNode 4960 VoIP Gateway was also chosen because it could work securely with a simple software upgrade and has been tested and certified for use with 3CX.

The Engineering Financial Manager at Agilis Brian Dunn explained that one of the main reasons that the company had chosen 3CX is because both are compatible with Windows

He said: “Having a Windows-based telephone system is a big advantage to us as our past experience with LINUX based Asterisk systems was just too difficult.

“We were in the market for a Windows phone system that could be hosted on our existing equipment and integrated with our current IT infrastructure. The 3CX Phone System had and continues to have great reviews.”

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