VoIP Solutions: Flash Player 10.3

You know how your computer is always prompting you to update Adobe? And you may think at the time – “But what’s the use of Adobe – Search Engines don’t recognise flash so it looks pretty but is ineffective.”

Well now the new Flash Player 10.3 beta which works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X is offering some VoIP Solutions.

That includes group chat, in-game voice chat and the specialized Acoustic Echo Cancellation for voice conferencing which detects active voices, surpresses noise and gives automatic gain control for volume level compensation.

These benefits are aimed at consumers and content providers so that browsing the internet can become a more connected experience.

Privacy controls are worked into the browser if you use Flash Player 10.3 with IE8 or Firefox 4, which Chrome and Safari will soon be supported too.

Meanwhile the native control panel makes the whole user experience easier. For content providers there are now video analytics as well.

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