Facebook and Skype to Partner?

Two of the world's most exciting technology companies - Facebook and Skype - are considering a partnership which would see Facebook users have access to low-cost video calling.

While that fits with Facebook's stated desire to become even more connected and social, the benefits for Skype are obvious.

Facebook has 600 million users and growing (which would make it one of the largest countries on the planet if it were a nation) and Skype could tap into that market.

The timing could not be better for the premier VoIP company as Skype is preparing itself for an Initial Public Offering.

The rumours come from a source which is close to both companies, according to Bloomberg, and originally started to surface last September.

The following month a Skype 5.0 update allowed users to connect with Facebook contacts right from the newsfeed and chat or instant message with them. Video VoIP calling seems to be the logical conclusion to this progression.

It also makes sense when you consider that Skype has been acquiring numerous companies and creating a slew of partnerships. Meanwhile Facebook would have the perfect riposte to Apple's Facetime feature on the iPad or iPhone, and Google's new Gmail call phones feature.

Facebook already got Vonage to fulfil its VoIP needs, but that partnership never seemed to take off. However you could safely bet that this one would have wings.

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