Tpad Offers Nokia Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP took another set forward with the release of Tpad's 3G and WiFi enabled VoIP calling.

The product is intended to compete with the big boys of Mobile VoIP such as Google Voice and Skype and give users another low cost calling option.

Tpad aims to offer an easy to set up account for VoIP and SIP
that will instantly configure a Nokia smartphone, such as the S40 6136 model or the new X3-02, with Tpad. That includes updating the existing contacts from your address book and no software is needed.

Tpad allows free worldwide calls which are routed from a public switched telephone network over wi-fi hotspot or 3G simply by using a password.

The Tpad manager Steven Johns said: "Tpad is part of the natural evolution of VoIP Solutions. First people began talking via a headset and PC, then they were tied to a fixed line IP phone device.

"The next evolutionary step is Tpad mobile VoIP. Internet trouble-free calling has finally arrived on mass market Nokia mobiles."

All new users who sign up for a free Tpad VoIP account will get a free 10 cent test call for a limited period. That could be as much as five minutes air time in the USA, enough to thoroughly test the quality of the service.

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