VoIP Solutions: Rebtel Passes 10M Users

Rebtel claims to be the largest VoIP solutions and mobile VoIP company in the world after Skype and has now passed more than 10 million users.

This is partly due to its flexibility as the Rebtel VoIP app can be used on all the latest smartphones including Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

The company estimates that those users have made 200 million mobile VoIP calls on 1 billion VoIP minutes since they started business in 2006.

Therefore Rebtel has proclaimed a record breaking 12 months with revenues growing five times faster than Skype, albeit from a smaller consumer base to start with.

It has seen an increase of 120% up to $40 million revenue by the end of 2010. The company predicts revenues of $75 million by the end of 2011 if progress carries on at this pace.

This year the EMEA (Europe, Africa and the Middle East) region is a main target for Rebtel as mobile VoIP will be offered to customers in Algeria, Bahrain and Jordan.

Things are looking good for the company after a survey showed high customer satisfaction with 98% of consumers stating they would recommend Rebtel to a friend.

That is backed up by the facts as 65% of new users heard about the service via word of mouth.

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