Nepal Makes Illegal VoIP Arrests

Nepal has a big problem with the use of illegal Voice over Internet Protocol which the authorities are trying to crack down on in order to protect the local telecoms companies.

That carried this week with the news that Police arrested three Chinese men in Kathmandu who had set up unauthorized VoIP centres in Nepal’s capital city.

The policeman in charge of the successful operation explained that this was the first time that Chinese nationals had been caught operating illegal Nepal VoIP, even if criminal cases in general are on the increase.

That includes the arrest of 17 VoIP felons from Bangladesh over the last couple of years.

Detective Rajendra Singh Bhandari said: “A month-long surveillance codenamed Operation Voice Fox by the Nepal Central Investigation Bureau team has come to a logical conclusion.

"We have arrested three Chinese nationals and a haul of hi-tech VoIP accessories.”

The arrested men have been named as Wu Hao from Sichuwan Province and Bin Jianan and Pan Jiaxi from the Jiangxi Province.

For the past two years they have been operating a call by-pass system in order to make illegal profits at the Banasthali, Chhetrapati and Dhobichaur call centres.

They used VoIP gateway equipment such as UPS and GSM to steal millions of rupees every month.

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