VoIP Solutions: Nashau Mobile to Expand

The South Africa VoIP company Nashau Mobile plans to aggressively expand
its market presence and take up a prime place in the Unified Communications industry.

Company CEO Andy Baker said that Nashua Mobile hoped to increase its mobile voice revenues by about 5% in the near future.

Currently the main cash cow for Nashau are the Least Cost Routing (LCR) services which generate up to two billion Rand per year, about one fifth of their revenue.

Now the company will transfer three quarters of this business over to their VoIP marketing channels. They will have to do so quickly in what is a highly competitive market.

In spite of the competition Nashau sees itself as a significant player in the voice minutes market.

South Africa is struggling to keep up with the booming VoIP market but is still seeing major transformations in the spheres of data and connectivity.

Mr Baker said: "With the uncertainty surrounding the regulation of mobile termination rates in South Africa, the time is ripe for businesses of all sizes to migrate to VoIP solutions to achieve telecoms cost-savings."

Nashau will mainly achieve its expansion through its new EasiVoice VoIP offering for business.

Easivoice was launched on Thursday and relies on Diginet or ADSL connectivity as well as Primary Rate links. However wireless connectivity will also soon be an option.

While Voice over Internet Protocol allows customrs to make cheap calls over the internet, Nashau could still increase it revenue by charging for inbound calls as well as outbound calls.

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