Hosted VoIP - 5 Advantages

The increasingly speed of the internet via expanding bandwidth is making hosted VoIP an accessible VoIP solution for businesses of all sizes.

Indeed cloud based VoIP has been identified by numerous industry experts as one of the main trends to look out for in 2011. Here are five reasons why you the customer can benefit from hosted VoIP.

1) – Scalability

Hosted VoIP gives you the flexibilty to scale up your solution as you go which is more than a relief for growing businesses. The same system can deal just as easily with 500 employees as 50 employees so you don't have to put any kind of restrictions on business growth. At the same time there is no loss of time or money trying to scale the system to cope.

2) Additions

If you want to improve your phone system experience it is possible to add new VoIP features as you go such as auto attendant and if your company releases an update they will make sure that it can be implemented very easily, usually by just opening an email link.

3) Remote work

As the world gets more populated and the struggle to the office only becomes more unbearable we are about to see a fundamental shift in the way that people work.
VoIP and unified communications are very much a part of this as low cost calling, instant messaging and even face-to-face video conferencing are making it unnecessary to be in the office in person. That saves time and money while improving the work life balance and the state of the environment.

4) Easy Deployment

Hosted VoIP phone systems are such that you don't even need to waste time on maintenance now as they offer built-in support systems and regular partner training sessions. Although the training may sound daunting, it's not as most VoIP systems have an easy-to-use interface.

5) Consistent service

An internet based service has the advantage of being impervious to physical damage. Even if there was some disater such as an earthquake, the phone lines will still be clear and your business will still be functioning.

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