netTALK throws Japan VoIP Lifeline

A Voice over Internet Protocol company has allowed free VoIP calling to and from Japan from today, Tuesday, March 15, in support of quake survivors.

Japan has just experienced the largest earthquake and tsunami in its history and while the death toll is already at 10,000, tens of thousands more people are still missing.

As if this wasn't bad enough the main coastal nuclear power plants have been badly damaged by the super quake and tsunami and 200,000 people were evacuated from the area amid fears of a meltdown.

In the meantime the Japanese economy has plummeted and more than 20 billion dollars worth of insurance claims have been filed.

In such a distressing time for Japanese people and their friends and loved ones in other countries, the ability to communicate quickly and freely is paramount.

netTALK is a VoIP products and connectivity company which is publically traded but they will offer free Japan calls from 12pm Eastern Time today up until noon on March 21.

The Chairman of netTALK, Anastasios Takis Kyriakides, said: “After hearing about the disturbing news of the earthquake, we wanted to help.

"I read that families and friends should only call Japan if it is an emergency, because the phone lines are getting jammed. I knew the best way for us to help is to extend our services to the people of Japan for free.”

Japanese people can also make use of a free smartphone app which allows free wi-fi calls to the Northern American countries of USA and Japan. This allows quick and clear connection which saves on voice minutes and cuts costs. It is for personal use, not business use.

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