Hosted VoIP Gets Cheaper

Although the quality of VoIP solutions is rising with faster broadband leading to better call quality, the price is going in the opposite direction.

According to Diane Myers, who is the directing analyst for Voice over Internet Protocol at Infonetics Research, the VoIP telephony industry revenues finished last year 7.4% higher than they had been previously.

Furthermore the price of VoIP Solutions, which are now offering more features than ever before, either decreased or remained steady.

Those features include everything from auto-attendant and call recording features to e911 emergency provisioning and various unified communications applications and integrations.

Those findings were backed up by the president of IT services for Planet Magpie, Robert Douglas.

He told the Internet Telephony Solutions for Business company Telappliant that there were now 'a wealth of tie ins'.

He said: "VoIP is becoming more affordable despite there being various new IP telephony features available such as video conferencing.

"Even though a better product usually means higher prices, the opposite has happened when it come to VoIP."

He added: "This is largely due to taking advantage of virtualisation and reduced communication line costs."

The result is good for companies which find VoIP increasingly affordable. Once they implement VoIP and other real time communication features such as instant messaging, it actually has further cost savings down the line by driving up productivity.

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