VTech Provides Cordless VoIP

VTech has released a cordless VoIP phone which has been put through a rigorous test to ensure optimum sound quality.

Therefore the Avant 5000 cordless VoIP phone now offers “true to life” sound through Cordless Advanced Technology.

It employs an internet and quality (CAT-iq) programme to make voices travelling via broadband sound natural.

The VTech president of telecommunication products, Chi Hoi Tong, said: “We are the largest manufacturer of cordless telephones in the world and the CAT-iq 2.0 certified handset will reaffirm our technology leadership position."

The result is a much higher call quality than you can get from a normal telephone network or 3G mobile communication.

In addition there are special system settings which allow you to syncronise contacts, add multiple lines and caller ID.

It is not yet known what the recommended retail price will be for the Avant 5000 cordless VoIP phone.

Currently there is no release date as yet set for Australia, though the VoIP Phone is expected to come out sometime in 2011.

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