VoIP company Bandwidth Acquires Dash

The VoIP network service supplier Bandwidth, has acquired Dash, which provides E911 services.

While Bandwidth supplies VoIP solutions to companies such as Pinger and Skype, Dash Services Carrier allows them to provision emergency calling.

E911 calling is a very hot topic within VoIP Solutions right now for safety reasons as VoIP internet calls are not otherwise tied to a physical address which can be dangerous in an emergency.

Now Bandwidth can supply that emergency support to all of its estimated 6,000 US business customers.

Although bandwidth already had E911 VoIP for its own products, this will allow it to spread the technology through its portfolio with 411 services and live nationwide directory listing also offered.

As well as selling strong internet connectivity and bundles of minutes to companies , Bandwidth provides phone numbers, smartphones and office phone systems to SMBs.

Bandwidth has even launched a free VoIP calling service which is intended to rival Google's call phones service with a free local phone number given for all of your calling needs. Features include auto-attendant and voice transcription.

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