VoIP Inc Sues Google

It looks like Google is in the spotlight this time after a VoIP technology company has accused the search giant of stealing trade secrets.

While Google recently claimed that rival Bing has tried to rip off their search algorithm, VoIP Inc has taken Google to the New York Supreme Court for similar reasons.

The issue dates back to 2005 when a VoIP Inc subsidiary based in LA agreed
to provide Google with its patented "Click to Call" technology.

The technology allowed customers to call a merchant instantly with any queries they have about purchasing a product.

The complainant says that under the agreement the subsidiary VoiceOne Communications was the designated carrier of Google website click to calls, but Google terminated their contract in 2007, claiming a nondisclosure agreement had been broken.

Voiceone claims that Google did so in order to benefit from the VoIP technology, having acquired the necessary source code and data.

Voiceone is asking for compensation and punitive damages for a number of breaches such as unjust enrichment and unfair competition.

VoIP Inc had to file for bankruptcy after a similar suit in 2009 was dismissed due to jurisdiction issues.

Google is also being sued for its Google Voice product by Frontier Communications which is claiming in a Delaware district court that Google ‘one number’ product was created with the help of a patent infringement.

Google was not immediately available for comment to Reuters.

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