WAN Enables VoIP Solutions

Slow internet caused by a lack of bandwidth is increasingly turning customers towards scalable Wide Area Networks (WAN) to implement their VoIP Solutions.

Andy Gottlieb, the CEO of Talahari Networks said: "Current organsiational VoIP demands are not being completely satisfied within some companies which have insufficient bandwidth.

"For VoIP to work pretty well most of the time is simply not good enough. Scalable WAN could be a solution to this problem and bring about much needed consistency."

The problem is thought to be on the increase as more and more comapnies look to use VoIP to save money with cheap internet calls.

But WAN Virtualisation could make VoIP more reliable by increasing bandwidth yet lowering costs at the same time.

Simultaneously they can take advantage of the various features and benefits including call forward and auto-attendant, cloud computing and videoconferencing.

Talari Networks has in fact developed a WAN virtualization appliance so that solution providers in can combine multiple public networks into one virtual network.

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