5 Lesser Known Benefits of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is very much the future means of communication as far as businesses of all sizes are concerned. In fact one of the advantages of VoIP is that it is a sophisticated system which can make a small business seem much larger and more organised than it actually is.

Furthermore businesses are aware that VoIP can save them anywhere between 20-80% of their operational costs after the initial outlay. But here are five of the lesser known reasons to adopt VoIP solutions.

1)Find-me-follow-me - Rather than just being content with a simple call forwarding service, VoIP can work much harder to track you down with Find-me-follow-me. The system will try various contact numbers until it gets the right one.

2) Extension dialling - Using quick dial extension numbers to reach your colleagues no matter where they are saves time and money.

3) Free Upgrades - VoIP providers offer free upgrades of their system or software so that your new PBX replacement always functions optimally.

4) Self Service Management Support - VoIP is designed to be easy-to-use as a large and scalable phone system which does not require costly maintenance. Indeed there is often a phone number or online portal which gives all the management support.

5) VoIP Packages - The more competition there is, increasingly companies offer packages where you can get bundles for free international and domestic VoIP calls with great bargains.

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