VoIP Solutions: SS Telecoms offers Mediatrix iPBX

In response to fears of over costs incurred by changing a traditional business phone system to a VoIP phone system, a South African company has released a new solution.

Telecoms provider SS wanted to lessen any negative impact during a communications changeover. That includes lost revenue resulting from changing phones which they estimate to cost 600 rand per unit.

So to help out small and medium sized enterprises, SS has introduced the Mediatrix iPBX which allows companies to retain their existing analogue infrastructure while routing calls through SIP trunking.

The SS Telecoms Sales and Marketing Manager, Kevin Greig, said: “Companies want to switch to VOIP quickly and painlessly, as they are wary of losing the value of existing analogue investments.

"The Mediatrix iPBX allows them to get this right with minimal fuss. The system simply routes to a VOIP service provider, allowing the company to retain its legacy phone and fax infrastructure.

He added: "The Mediatrix iPBX easily routes conventional G3 fax traffic, so it is a comprehensive solution to the tricky time and expense equation that mid-size companies face.”

Using Mediatrix iPBX, large capital outlays are eliminated even though you still get all the long term cost-savings associated with VoIP.

For instance voice over internet protocol can significantly lower the cost of you telephone calls.

It can also cut back on staff and wasted time through features such as an auto call-attendant.

VoIP savings are furthermore boosted by the falling costs of bandwidth.

The system uses the Media 5 4100 series platform to enhance or replace a proprietary PBX system. Features include Conference Bridge, Voice Mail and Call Detail Reports. That way decision-makers can meet their VOIP needs cost-effectively.

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