How to Avoid VoIP DoS Attacks

The Voice over Internet Protocol industry prides itself on offering secure communications but like any technology it is open to infiltrations.

Denial of Service attacks are on the up according to FBI reports and hackers can paralyse a VoIP system and use the confusion to steal valuable data.

Hackers just flood the VoIP network with calls so that the SIP trunk can no longer function properly.

The VIPDesk senior VP of technology Dan Fontaine admitted: "We have not come up with a plan to address Denial of Service attacks yet, but it is on the roadmap.

"The trick is making sure that the VoIP tunnels are encrypted and not left exposed to the internet."

However it is thought that increasing number of these infiltrations are actually inside jobs caused by disgruntled employees rather than hackers.

As long as you are aware of the problem there are a number pf steps which can be taken to solve it.

Recommended products include the Acme Packet, a session border controller
which can identify and intercept potential Denial of Service attacks. It does so by trying to pick up anything unusual on the line like white noise.

You could also make use of the VoiceSentry Analyzer which monitors call detail records in real time and looks for anomalies. Simple tests similar to the use of CAPTCHA text can then work out the difference between humans and robots.

Howevere most VoIP product manufacturers will be aware of such safety issues and provide built-in support, but it is up to the consumer or business to utilise it.

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