139m Mobile VoIP Users by 2014

The research firm In-Stat has predicted an explosion in the use of Mobile VoIP.

It forsees a transitional period as companies overhaul their existing telecommunications systems for new UC solutions.

This can take many forms, for instance replacing a traditional PBX with an IP PBX. That allows mobile workers and remote employees to stay in touch with the office and have all their communiations forwarded to one inbox for easy access.

In only three years time there are expected to be 139 million Mobile VoIP users worldwide with the lions share coming from EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) at 39%, 32% from Asia and around 22% from the United States of America and Canada.

The In-Stat market analyst, Amy Cravens, said: "As Mobile VoIP becomes further incorporated into other mobile apps, specifically social networking apps, consumers and businesses will find ever increasing uses for the technology."

IP telephony and unified communications products are currently booming in popularity.

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