UK Expo Showcases VoIP Solutions

The Unified Communications Exposition 2011 will take place on March 8-9 and showcase the latest technologies including enterprise voice, mobile communications and cloud computing.

There will be demonstrations of VoIP equipment at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.

This is the premier industry event and is expected to attract more than 4,000 visitors.

The exhibition will be divided into six sections including UC collaboration, voice, cloud, visual and mobile.

Among the exhibitors will be ASC UK which created an analytics application with various features.

They include keyword spotting and emotion detection help to detect problem calls.

Their sales director Mike Murley said: “Whilst providing answers to fundamental questions about agent training and the success of marketing campaigns, our VoIP solutions also support enterprise issues concerning operational processes and how to improve business efficiency.

"In so doing, we help our clients further improve customer service and achieve competitive outcomes.”

There is also the EVOip feature which captures network telephone and enables storage, playback and interaction archiving.

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