Nimbuzz gives HD VoIP

Nimbuzz has just launched high-definition Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) calls for Android 2.0.2.

This move has been in the works since May 2010 when Google paid 68.2 million dollars for Global IP Solutions.

The writing was on the wall. They wanted the real-time video and voice over IP processing tech company to produce apps for the Android operating system with the use of GIPS technology.

Now users can benefit by making high-definition video and voice calls using the HD voice codec. They can also enjoy high quality calls and fewer dropped calls.

The app has a revamped profile system with a ‘My Profile’ page. There is a new interface and contact list. Meanwhile the app can run straight from an SD card so that users can save smart phone memory.

Nimbuzz plans to launch the HD voice app for the iPhone and Symbian smart phones as well as for personal computers.

Nimbuzz has recently had various conflicts of commerce and opinion with Skype and the app can be seen as a VoIP direct competitor to this market leader.

The Nimbuzz HD voice and video app is now available on the Android marketplace.

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