Voice Embraces Cloud with 4G

Voice communications are set to move into the cloud with the assistance of 4G.

That is because a single standard for LTE voice has now been agreed for 4G.

Therefore there is more incentive for carriers to invest in wireless services in the future. Along with the wireless service WiMax, carriers can make an investment in IMS.

According to the director of Broadsoft, David Walters, the communications market is changing with a proliferation of 'VoIP application servers that sit in carrier networks, leveraging SIP trunks to serve enterprises and SMBs.'

However those characteristics may now be taken into the cloud. Voice will become more and more like another IT service which can be purchased.

Mr Walters explained: "This provides a big opportunity to help value-added resellers package voice services in the cloud, creating a crisp business model in the process."

The upshot is a world where customers can gain PBX functionality for their mobile phones.

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