Skype wary of VoIP Competitors

Since Skype went down just before Christmas, the Voice over Internet Protocol service will be nervously looking over its shoulders at other competitors.

Skype went down for a whole day due to a server outage on December 22, and it is not the first time that it has happened.

It is bad news for the company which is trying to get an Initial Public Offering as it plans to attract more revenue, especially business custom.

The Skype competitors include the VoIP service Fring, which Skype has already blocked in the past to try and limit its threat.

Fring offers low cost VoIP calls and their VoIP app on Android has proved very popular. Fring was one of the first companies to allow mobile video calls via 3G and wi-fi to other Fring users.

Many people with a gmail account will also have access to Google Voice, and the call phones feature has many benefits including easily access to your entire contact system and call forwarding.

Another new service is not too appealing given that you have to listen to some ads before you use it. Nevertheless Freephone2phone allows 10 minutes of free international calls, which is a great deal.

Skype 3G went live in May as one of a number of Mobile VoIP apps created for smartphones. In October it was released for Android via wi-fi.

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