US School Saves Money with VoIP

A school managed to save large amounts of money by using Voice over Internet Protocol technology.

The Minooka Grade School District in Illinois has installed VoIP telephony to keep parents informed about changes to their schedule.

Superintendent Al Gegenheimer said: “We saved money and at the same time improved our Internet, to make communciation with parents and other shools much easier."

For instance if the school is closed due to snowfall, they can set up an automatic voice mailbox with emergency school closing information.

The process is instigated as soon as the superintendent makes the decision to close.

That saves the school from having to call each of the parents individually, which could cost up to $40,000 per year.

Then each parent can instead make the call, pressing 5 to get information. The time saving is also notable, saving the school around four hours of administration for every closure.

This plan is all part of a district wide upgrade to an IP telephony service.

It gives the school increased bandwidth from 2 megabits to 100 megabits for fast and efficient communication. And all that is actually cheaper than paying for two different internet and phone lines.

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