3CX and Orbtalk make VoIP Partnership

3CX , which makes software-based VoIP phone systems for Windows, has partnered with Global service provider Orbtalk.

Orbtalk is helping the 3CX Phone System to provide unparalleled levels of support and value through ISDN grade SIP Trunking. This optimises 3CX IP PBX solutions.

Paul Byrne, Operations Director at Orbtalk, said: "This partnership has huge potential, offering a joint cost saving solution. 3CX is an excellent alternative to expensive providers such as Avaya and Cisco."

He added: "We have worked with 3CX to provide their resellers an automated Trunk and Numbering Solution. We can also offer recurring monthly residuals on the minutes and channel charges.”

3CX and Orbtalk customers gain number portability with various Internet Protocol and traditional service providers. There is also seamless provisioning of SIP Trunks and Numbering Solutions for resellers and customers in line with the 3CX product promise.

Stephen Corrigan, the Channel Manager for 3CX, said: “Our partnership with Orbtalk is an exciting development. It provides a global service which has been certifed as fully interoperable with 3CX.”

Orbtalk is seeking to partner with International voice and data resellers for the resale of its SIP Trunk channels and UK and International Numbering solutions. Interested parties should contact sales@orbtalk.co.uk

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