VoIP over 4G in 2011?

Many dedicated VoIP users have been wondering whether they will get a faster service and better quality of call over 4G next year.

Yet the handset and application developers have been slow to act, partly because no final standard for VoIP over 4G has yet been defined.

Right now 4G is being used for data channels on dual mode devices as well as faster mobile Internet connections.

However good news is at hand and before the New Year a number of companies will expand into 4G and unified communications.

They include the Verizon Wireless LTE network and Clearwire with 120 million people taking advantage of it is WiMax network.

One of the big developments of 2010 is that SIP trunking is now ubiquitous and this is offered cheaply as part of many VoIP services. It is also a main part of the VoIP portfolio offered by cable companies.

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