Fring VoIP Earns 10K Per Day

Despite only costing one cent per minute, Fring's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is so popular that the company is reporting earnings of $10,000 per day.

Known as the fringOut voice calling service, this VoIP product has only been live for a couple of months.

Yet mobile VoIP is clearly the future, say company representatives and customers are endorsing it with their wallets. However, these earnings do not take operating costs into account.

A spokesperson said: "fringOut VoIP calls are as cheap as one cent per minute, but we are seeing a huge consumer vote for mobile VoIP. "

Fring is an peer-to-peer mobile VoIP app for smartphones such as iPhone and works on various IP telephony networks. All fring calls are routed to a PSTN termination server and VoIP gateway. Calls destined to PSTN and GSM networks pass through a circuit switch, possibly Session Initiation Protocol.

Calls to VoIP users continue through the VoIP gateway to their destinations. Support for DTMF dialing is available for Symbian devices.

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