UK VoIP Subscriptions Rise

More UK consumers are subscribing to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions.

A report published by the watchdog Ofcom shows that the VoIP market in the United Kingdom increased by nearly a third - 27 per cent - between 2006 and 2009.

That translates to a two per cent increase in VoIP subscribers per hundred Brits. It is evidence of a greater worldwide trend which has seen total VoIP usage rise steadily year on year.

However the UK is still lagging behind other European countries in terms of VoIP uptake.

10 per cent of Germans use the technology, which allows you to make low cost calls from PC to PC, or from computer to landline and mobile. In France the number is slightly higher at 15 per cent.

The study states that slower UK growth is because voice lines often come with bundled voice calls.

These include unlimited offers which are similar to the managed VoIP offers in other countries.

While global VoIP lines have doubled over the period UK fixed telephony revenues have increased by three percentage points.

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