Visual Voicemail and Windows VoIP

The recently released Windows phone 7 will not only offer Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), but also a number of interesting features such as visual voicemail.

This would allow users to go through their voicemails without having to use the automated command system, and instead see the messages which are waiting for them.

It is thought that the features, including VoIP, are in the underlying OS and will just need to be turned on via the release of an update.

Microsoft has already announced that it is releasing the second Windows Phone 7 update in February, so this could be when these features get unlocked.

Before that there will be a January update which will fix 'glaring omissions' such as the absent copy and paste fixture.

Furthermore excited customers can expect support for the Microsoft SkyDrive, whih is a cloud-based virtual hard drive, and turn by turn GPS navigation.

It is thought that the January update will require the connection of the Windows 7 smartphone with your PC, which is unusual.

By February all will be forgettoen as users revel in updated API's for apps, VoIP features and generally improved opportunities for multi-tasking.

There is no release date for the third update for the Windows Phone, which will actaully see it classified as Windows Phone 8, but expect to see significant improvments, especially in the internet explorer browsing department.

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