Tribair Creates VoIP Community

Claims by Tribair that it will create the world's largest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) community demand that we stand up and take notice.

From its base in Canada, this recently launched company is creating a global network of VOIP hotspots where members turn their WiFi connection into shared hubs.

Therefore Tribair aims to be more than just a service provider.

The CEO of Tribair, Eric Reiher, said: "We want to make communications a rewarding experience, both socially and financially. Tribair leverages the network effects inherent in phone conversation to build a user contact base."

He add: "Smartphones are feature rich but the costs of multimedia messages, roaming or long distance is punishing. On the other hand Tribair can save you money."

Hotspot owners can actually make revenue from their VoIP hub via the long distance calls of other users. Calls are made using WiFi or 3G.

With one fifth of the revenue up for grabs, this is a revolutionary, decentralized concept.

It works by use of an app which is available on various smartphones including the Android and the iPhone.

Once you have downloaded the app there is a starter credit of 25 cents, and astonishingly this could get you a 17 minute call to more than 50 countries worldwide.

These smartphone rates claim to be 45 per cent cheaper than Skype.

All you have to do is open the WiFi router and the application automatically displays worldwide Tribair free WiFi networks.

Calls between members use only data, not airtime, which means savings on and roaming charges.

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