VoIP Progress in 2010

Companies continued to upgrade their communications networks to VoIP solutions in 2010, seeing it as an important part of their business future.

And despite the high demand prices have stayed low, according to a Fiercevoip contributor.

VoIP growth has been at its highest levels since 2008. Mike Dolan explained that this was unsurprising as many SME's and SMB's view VoIP as "mission critical".

80% of businesses with 1,000 or more employees are now using at least one cloud computing service.

He stated: "With 2010 being such a strong year for IP communications, I am sure we are all looking forward to what 2011 will bring."

In addition the technology is proving attractive to individual consumers.

But some parts of the world are still proving resistant to VoIP.

At the beginning of the year the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority opened the door to VoIP in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but companies such as Skype are still not offering their full service there.

Rouzbeh Pasha, the Skype Middle East director, said:"Skype is not in discussions with the UAE's TRA.

"Generally speaking, we're always excited when people use Skype regardless of where they are."

Skype connects people from all around the world through video and voice calls via multiple mobile devices.

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