Skype and Nimbuzz in VoIP Feud

Skype is due to to cut off Nimbuzz support by October 31, 2010. Nimbuzz is an app which provides free communications over the internet in various forms.

That means that users of the VoIP service will no longer be able to make use of Nimbuzz features such as Instant Messaging and chatting.

They will however be able to IM and call contacts on other VoIP and SIP providers. Similarly Nimbuzz can still be used through social media and search engines such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, MySpace and Twitter.

Reasons as to why Skype is withdrawing Nimbuzz support are varied. It could be because Skype wants a clean slate before it completes its Initial Public Offering (IPO) which is similar to floating on the stock market.

It is more likely that an ongoing feud has taken its toll as Skype says Nimbuzz refused to communicate over issues with the End User Licence Agreement and the API terms of use.

The episode is very reminiscent of the recent fraction between Skype and Fring when Skype took legal action over what it called 'misuse of software'.

Either way Fring and Nimbuzz were essentially competitors to Skype's VoIP service which allows free or low cost calls between computers and from PCs to landlines and mobiles.

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