Comcast Improves VoIP Market Share

Comcast has improved its share of the VoIP and Broadband market - bad news for telecommunications companies which are having to fight to keep ground. However the company lost 275,000 video subscribers, which is a huge blow any way that you look at it.

Third quarter earnings suggest that the company is growing at a steady rate having added 228,000 voice customers and 249,000 high-speed Internet customers.

Revenue has climbed by 7.3 percent to $9.49 billion despite a third-quarter net income fall. Revenues are growing as customers snap up the faster cable sppeds and cable Triple Play by the company.

At the same time VoIP services and bundles have become increasingly expensive. The company said that the fall could be explained by costs associated with their upcoming acquisition of NBC Universal.

The Comcast report stated: "We continue to improve our performance competitively. In the third quarter, Comcast gained 202,000 new customers (Video, HSI and Voice from telcos) compared to a combined loss of 465,000 by AT&T and Verizon."
According to Comcast 32% of Comcast video customers now take the Triple Play, which is a  TV/voice/broadband service, compared to 27% at the same time last year.

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