VoIP blocked in Bahrain

Bahrain has joined a list of countries which include India and Lebanon in which Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are being blocked.

Authorities in the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Bahrain have ordered that two services offering VoIP be blocked by law.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authroity (TRA) commanded Internet Service Providers in the country to block access to Seefcall and Nonotalk which is effective immediately.

The TRA said in a statement that both services are in breach of Bahrain's Telecommunications Law and were actively targeting Bahrain by advertsiing their prices in the local currency.

Nonotalk offers consumers in Bahrain an unlicensed public voice IP telephony service. Meanwhile Seefcall provides a call-back service so users can buy credit online and then make domestic and international VoIP calls.

Both were seen as a threat to traditional telecom providers in the country because VoIP allows customers to make cheap or free calls worldwide from computer to computer and even from PCs to landlines and mobiles.

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