VoIP available Underground

Commuters are always on the lookout for ways to pass boring tube journeys and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) may be able to assist.

Users of the London Underground can now make free or cheap calls on their mobile devices due to Wi-Fi provision.

The service will come courtesy of BT Openzone, which is part of the British Telecomms company. BT Openzone has teamed up with the London Underground for a six-month trial of Wi-Fi access at Charing Cross station, one of the busiest tube and rail stations in the United Kingdom.

Starting on Monday, November 1, anyone within Wi-Fi distance of Charing Cross can get internet access on their laptops, smartphones and other devices, even though they are underground.
Therefore even in places where there might not otherwise be network coverage, tube travellers could make Voip calls, instant message, send and receive emails and other benefits.

The implications of this are huge as for many people a large part of the working day is taken up by having to travel underground on their way to work.

The CEO of BT Openzone, Chris Bruce, said: "Wi-Fi is the fastest and simplest way for people to access the internet when they are out and about.

"With the launch of this trial at Charing Cross we are now giving commuters the chance to enjoy the biggest Wi-Fi network in the United Kingdom."

The service is free to all BT Openzone subscribers and more than five million BT broadband customers with unlimited Wi-Fi minutes.

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