Skype adds Facebook functionality to VoIP

The partnership between the VoIP application Skype and the world's most popular social networking platform Facebook is already beginning to bear fruit.
Skype 5.0 for Windows has integrated Facebook features such as the ability to call and text Facebook friends on their mobile phones or landlines, sync Facebook status updates with Skype messages and the News feed.
Ethan Beard, the director of the Facebook Developer Network, stated: "We are working with companies such as Skype to make it easy to find your friends anytime you want to connect."

So far feedback to the new Skype has been overwhelmingly positive. And it looks as though both companies will benefit from the partnership.

Despite having more than 500 million users worldwide Facebook is always trying to extend its reach while Skype is increasingly on the lookout for new revenue opportunities. Although Skype has millions of worldwide users it is estimated that only around 8.1 million of them actually pay for the service.

Although the two companies are giants they also face competition from the recently launched Google VoIP service which can easily be accessed by Gmail users. They can make use of Google Voice to text or call any North American phone line for free and the service has so far been very successful.

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