MyNetFone Launches VoIP Apps for Smartphones

MyNetFone is extending its VoIP service provision by launching a mobile VoIP service for smartphone users.

It will include an iPhone app, which is already available, as well as soon-to-be-released apps for Android and Symbian users.

While this is a congested market, MyNetFone claims to have some app features which set it apart from the competition.
The MyNetFone technical director, Rene Sugo, said: "We have a number of cool, nifty features such as  voice tunnel technology and conversation recording which are easy-to-use and consumers are sure to find them a real bonus."

Conversation recording does what it says allowing users to record their voices for playback at a later point. The caller is automatically notified that they are being recorded for safety reasons. It can work from behind a firewall or other form of block for both incoming and outgoing calls. Other features include last call logs and loudspeaker.

The app comes in many languages including in English, French, Chinese and Spanish. It has been available since October 18 and requires iOS 3.1 but can work on first generation iPhones and iPods if they are upgraded to OS 2.2.
To download the free app just look for it on the Apple iStore. It can be registered to an existing MyNetFone account or registered as a standard VoIP plan. There are no registration or ongoing fees once downloaded but they customers pay per call if they select the 0$ per month plan. Initial reviews of the app have been good.

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