Faster Broadband Improves Brisbane VoIP

The city of Brisbane in Australia will get greater Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) capabilities thanks to new fibre optic cables.

Constructionof the fibre-optic network will start at the beginning of 2011, with half a million set to be rolled over the next four years.

VoIP allows anyone with a fast Internet connection to make low-cost or free calls between computers,or even from computers to landlines.The most well-known worldwide VoIP provider is Skype.

The broadband specialist, Fibre-optic i3 Group, has signed a deal with the City Council to bring broadband to Brisbane. Cables laid underground alongside the sewer system will allow a super-fast Internet connection which is perfect for VoIP.

However VoIP will not be only technology to benefit because download speeds will be up to 100Mbps, giving users many options.
The Brisbane fibre-optic network will be in addition to the state-wide National Broadband Network (NBN).

The Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said: "We  have no disagreement with the National Broadband Network . But as the Mayor of Brisbane with the best interests of our 1 million residents I want them to get this broadband service and this infrastructure as soon as possible."

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