VoIP used to Prevent Child Abuse

VoIP provider AltiGen has given Unified Communications software to a Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) to help them protect youngsters.
To enable the center in Orange County, California, to quickly respond to child abuse complaints the latest IP telephony software as well as 100 IP phones were donated.
These replaced their old phone system which was outdated and often disconnected at opportune moments or misplaced voicemails.
VoIP and Unified Communications allows people to communicate very quickly and time is of the essence when it comes to saving children's lives.
The CAPC has an early intervention program to prevent child abuse before it occurs and strengthen parent-child relationships in the process. In 2009 the Center helped over 15,000 children, 4,300 families and 3,800 parents.
AltiGen Sales VP Mike Plumer said: "Approval to help a victim in a child abuse case can take time but with our intuitive VoIP software we were able to send crucial call recordings and voicemails to county officials quickly. The first time we used this feature we got approval to help a victim of abuse within hours, as opposed to it taking weeks.”

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