VoIP Claims Significant Share of Total Internet Usage

A 'visualizing the internet' graphic created by the company Nielsen shows that VoIP is one the main reasons why people use the internet.
Considering that VoIp service Skype alone which has 39 million unique users, VoIP in its entirety accounts for 0.82% of the total internet usage. That is compared to some 0.56% of internet usage surveyed in the study being taken up by adult content.
By far the most dominant internet presence were search engines with Google alone claiming over 349 million unique users. The survey covered numerous countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia, Brazil and Germany. The percentage figures represent unique users in January 2010 and the data is presented in the form of a treemap where you can fit a large amount of data into a small space. It was gathered as part of a BBC season on Superpowers.

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