More Mobile VoIP Minutes Every Year

The prevalence of 3G and 4G networks has hugely increased the amount of mobile VoIP minutes. Analysts believe that the figure will rocket up from 15 billion mobile VoIP minutes this year to 470.6 billion mobile VoIP minutes in five years time (2015).

While this increase is being felt across all markets, it is particularly pronounced in developed markets where 3G networks have become the norm. However, a great deal of traffic is bypassing VoIP networks altogether in the form of WiFi mobile VoIP.

Anthony Cox, Senior Analyst at Juniper Research, said: "There are many types of mobile VoIP. WiFi mobile VoIP is potentially damaging to VoIP traffic figures as it bypasses mobile networks.
"Because of this WiFi mobile VoIP will cost operators five billion dollars globally over the next five years."
He added: "Even though some operators tout the benefits of mobile VoIP, it will take time for many of them to accept it, as it represents a loss of network control."
However Juniper Research predicted that competition and regulation would eventually pressure many operators into forging partnerships with VoIP providers. This will be partly prompted by the decline in their revenues.
Mobile VoIP is available through various providers, or by downloading an app to a handset or smartphone such as the Android.

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