Petition started for desktop Google VoIP

Google will be branching out into the world of Voice over Internet Protocol as it looks to challenge the market dominance of VoIP product Skype.
Last year Google acquired Gizmo5, a VoIP company and they are created software together in conjunction with Google Voice. While Google Voice is at present only available in the US, the Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that it will soon be coming to the UK.

As yet it is not known whether it will be a desktop or browser-based product but it is clear that many people want the former with a petition having been started that aims to collect 500,000 signatures.

The Google Voice service has lots of neat features, among them the ability to designate one number to all your contact needs, including mobiles, landlines and faxes. That way it's easier to coordinate all of your communications.
Commenting on ElectricPig, njs said: "I have a US Google Voice which I use in the UK. I have several US numbers running via VoIP to my Nexus One smartphone. This means I can make calls to the US for free and many other destinations for next to nothing all from my mobile phone. This amazing service will work even better when it comes to the UK!"

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