Skype on iOS4: Best of the Week's News

The release of the Skype app for iOS4 has got everyone chattering. CNET wrote that it had taken the new app for a test drive and was pleasantly surprised, while being far more overjoyed that the VoIP company will cease to charge for its services over 3G networks.
While CNET extolled the virtues of cheap VoIP calling it added: "The downside is that your call is being squished into a data pipe, so the quality isn't as good as with a normal connection. In our tests, call quality varied. We found there was noticeable distortion at times, and we occasionally experienced a small delay. But Skype generally offered call quality as good as, or better than, that of other VoIP services we've tested."
The verdict was that although the app still had some way to go it was very useful and easy to use.
Meanwhile the Independent newspaper said that iPhone users were literally rejoicing over the news. One user commented: "I've been waiting years for this, thank you so much for finally making this happen."
The newspaper commented on the benefits of the VoIP app which included being able to leave it running in the background while you make and receive calls.
T3 ran with the headline 'Skype for iPhone: iOS 4 version outed' and said that the app would surely create many happy customers as long as they didn't allow huge phone system bills to rack up. It also said that despite Skype's improvements, Fring still dominates the video calling market.

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