UK gets better quality VoIP than US

Broadband services in the UK are better than those in the US, which enables better VoIP quality, according to research.

Market research firm Strategy Analytics revealed a new report on technology in 57 countries, rating them according to cost, speed, household penetration and urban quotient.

Amazingly American only came 23rd, one place behind the UK. South Korea came first followed by Hong Kong and Holland.

In theory VoIP quality in Britain is better than in America as VoIP relies on high speed broadband to create quality IP telephony solutions and increased voice data.

Ben Piper of Strategy Analytics said: "We feel confident that our multifactor index is a true indicator of broadband capabilities in a country."

Meanwhile VoIP traffic continues to rise in the US now that the firm 360networks has rolled out improved coverage to 1.4 million people. VoIP users in California, including the area of Sacremento, can now make use of 17,200 miles of fibre-optics which will provide increased IP telephony solutions.

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