July VoIP Product Roundup

The world of VoIP products moves fast so here’s a round up of some of the latest developments and products out this week.
Telefonica O2, the German unit of the Spanish telecoms group Telefonica, has launched an IP-based mobile phone. With it you can get local numbers for contacts abroad, thus using cheap VoIP calls to save money. It works via a JAJAH's IP Communications Platform
The chairman and CEO of Telefonica Europe, Matthew Key, said: “Telefonica is meeting the growing demand for VoIP services. We have launched JAJAH based products in Germany to break through Europe’s largest telecoms market.”
Meanwhile VoIP company Speakeasy is giving a free phone offer to ease the burden on remote workers. The Seattle company offers Hosted VoIP through an advanced feature called Remote Office. There is also a time-saving feature called Find Me/Follow Me which allows you instant access to your primary contacts no matter where you are located. The service costs $27.95 per month for a free phone and unlimited calling.
In other VoIP related news it looks like low cost Skype calls on the iPhone 4 could become a thing of the past now that the app has been removed from the app store.
However the company seems to be at a loss as to explain why: “We’re very eager to work out why we are not seeing the Skype app in the App store. All we can tell you is that this has nothing to do with our Verizon deal, as it should not affect the Skype for iPhone app.”
Despite this glitch, which is probably temporary, you can still get the Skype app on the Android smartphone.
Another new product is the 3CX SIP Phone for Android which is a free download.

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