iPhone Users Prefer VoIP to Cellular Calls

The success of Voice over Internet Protocol for cheap high-quality calls continues to push cellular options to one side according to a new survey.
It found that 82 per cent of American iPhone users preferred to activate the Toktumi application (Line2) for VoIP calling.
They said that VoIP was a much more attractive and cost effective option than having to deal with low quality cellular networks, while 16 per cent liked the fact that VoIP services could provide them with a second number for their business calls.
The chief executive officer of Toktumi, Peter Sissons, said: "I am pleased that so many users wished to use the Line2 application, obviously valuing its flexibility and features, in preference to the normal iPhone calling experience."
The success of the app is due in part to the fact that wireless internet is widely available throughout the United States. This Wi-Fi alternative enables customers to access VoIP solutions easily even if they have little in the way of mobile phone reception.

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