VoIP Up in the Air with Emirates

Emirates is a high class airline which specialises in comfortable long haul flights and what better way to pass the time than to make low-cost calls, for business or pleasure purposes?

Passengers on this Middle Eastern airline will be able to use VoIP solutions on board as of 2012 because Emirates has given their double decker Airbus A380 planes full Wi-Fi internet access capabilities.

That will allow flyers to contact friends and colleagues mid air via IP telephony solutions at a minimal cost.
The president of the airline, Tim Clarke, said. "Emirates is constantly trying to improve our on-board entertainment.
"Our decision is to install a full set of in-flight connectivity services including VoIP. This will be part of our ongoing effort to provide customers with the real-time access to information that they need."

Swiss firm OnAir will provide the internet connection and they have a strong track record in operating fully connected flights.

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