T-Mobile Re-Releases VoIP Calling App

If part of the unified communications revolution is the transition of social networking sites such as Facebook to include VoIP, then news of the T-Mobile App will be of interest.

T-Mobile released their Bobsled VoIP calling app for Facebook recently, but had to recall it almost immediately due to concerns about the branding.

Specifically there were worries that consumers would think Bobsled was a Facebook product, when it is not. However, T-Mobile merely stated design issues when the recall happened. That is becasue the app looked like something that Facebook had designed and violated their terms of use policies.

Now people can make free calls to their friends from their computers using the free Bobsled app. It remains to be seen what changes, if any, Bobsled has made to their product, or whether they were all design and cosmetic changes.

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